Jun 10, 2010

Hello Everyone :). I haven't posted on here because I thought the whole world knew when our Jeanine left this life behind, I guess. Chris asked me to post this, however, so I am. Jeanine passed to the other side on April 24 th. She went with the same beautiful dignity that she lived her life and fought her battle with. Our lives go on....but we will never forget her, never stop missing her, and cannot wait to see her again. This is what we believe will happen, just as she believed that it would....because of the death and ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom she placed her trust! Thank you all for loving Jeanine and Dick and their sweet family.

Apr 23, 2010

Sorrow and Joy flowing mingled.....

For those who keep up with Jeanine via the blog, I want you to know that we moved her to the Hospice Unit today. She is in room 7108. Jeanine is comfortable, though her belly is filling with fluid again and she is requiring more medication today than yesterday.

Yesterday (Thursday) she was able to communicate with us due to her decreased pain and consequently decreased morphine. She was able to visit with all three of her children, and for that we are so thankful! Wednesday night she got to spend time with us...the Wednesday choir group (I use the term loosely!) and her Mom got to be with us until she had a "spell" of some sort and we had to hustle her to the Trauma Center!! She was released later in the evening and is at home and doing well. Today she was visited by three more of her grandchildren and I'm sure that her heart leapt for joy!

Jeanine has been so blessed! And such a blessing to so many! As she has so often said "God is sooooo with us!"

I know you share in my great anguish at the thought of life without this one who is soooo dear....and in my great JOY that her spirit WILL NEVER die and that we will all soon see her again :) Sorrow and joy (I know...it is really sorrow and LOVE) flow mingled down...Did ere such love and sorrow meet?

Please continue to pray for her comfort and her sweet passage. And for peace and strength and courage and faith for Dick, the kids, grandkids, Mom, siblings, and hundreds of friends like you and I. Our prayers have given them hope and strength, by the grace of our God who has answered "Yes" to MANY of our requests. Praise God even through our tears!

Apr 18, 2010

Hello Again :)

Hi...I took another little "bloggers vacation"! Just wanted to get a message out to any of you who may not hear from us in some other format. Jeanine is in the hospital...it will be 2 weeks tomorrow. She is being treated with some alternative meds, in addition to all that they do for her at the hospital. Other than that, most of the efforts at this time are toward keeping her pain and nausea at bay. She still has some "fight" in her and still cherishes our prayers. God is good...she knows that and so do I, otherwise He would not have blessed us all with the gift of Jeanine, right? Love to all....Jeanine's Journalist

Mar 21, 2010

Great Night!

Lots of fun and girl talk Friday evening! Followed by a good night's rest for Jeanine, who woke up HUNGRY Saturday a.m. She ate some toast, oatmeal, and even a couple of bites of bacon!!

We walked down the hall after that and got back to the room needing meds for pain and nausea, but glad for the exercise. No news that I know of....she is hoping to go home sometime this week but we don't know what the doctor's thoughts are :)

Have a great end of the day and a happy Monday!! Nancy

Mar 19, 2010

Slacking Off!

Hi y'all! Sorry for the pause but I warned you I'd be busy with kids and grands this week!! I've not been the only "slacker"...Bobbie Jeanine has been one too. (Just joking of course)....but as you all probably know, she didn't get to go home after all. More fluids were drained from her abdomen, I think it was on Wednesday. She suffered with pain and nausea that night and until Thursday afternoon. She felt great through the night and this morning...and suddenly was struck again with pain and "retching". Plenty of meds calmed her down and she seemed to be resting when I saw her last.

Tonight I get to be at her side once more....what a blessing! To have moments to visit and laugh when she feels good, and to have a chance to offer her a cold rag and call for her nurse to come quickly with relief when she does not.

The nurses on the oncology floor have been incredible...can't praise them enough! And her doctors have been too.

Please pray for strength and courage for Dick and the kids and for comfort and peace and freedom from pain and nausea for dear Jeanine. Love to all~ Nancy

Mar 12, 2010

Going to the casa??????

Well...for the first time in almost 3 weeks, there is talk of letting Jeanine return home :) She is feeling good for the most part, though she slept much of the day today. Please pray that all of her tummy parts will start working and that she will not be nauseated by the meds she is taking for that. I should post a picture of her in the new crocheted caps that our friend Peggy brought for her. One of them is blue just like Nene's eyes!
We are considering "enhancing" Jeanines hairs...both of them, as she jokes :) She doesn't know WHO put those white hairs on top of her blonde head!

Have a blessed weekend. Our kids are coming from Houston for the week, but I'll still try to keep you up to date! Happy Spring Break!!!

Mar 10, 2010

Girls Night In :)

Woohoo! Another girl Party! Jeanine, Sarah and I are winding
down after our devo with Anita, Donna, and Ruthie! Laurie was at the airport picking up Don and Laura O!!
Jeanine is feeling good but she is kind of pooped so I'd better turn out the lights and say the parties over! I let Jeanine listen to Going Home by the Libras on You Tube. It is a beautiful English boys choir and she loved it. I said "I didn't want to make you sad"and she said it's not sad"!

Have a greAt night and we will too! Love y'all!