Mar 19, 2010

Slacking Off!

Hi y'all! Sorry for the pause but I warned you I'd be busy with kids and grands this week!! I've not been the only "slacker"...Bobbie Jeanine has been one too. (Just joking of course)....but as you all probably know, she didn't get to go home after all. More fluids were drained from her abdomen, I think it was on Wednesday. She suffered with pain and nausea that night and until Thursday afternoon. She felt great through the night and this morning...and suddenly was struck again with pain and "retching". Plenty of meds calmed her down and she seemed to be resting when I saw her last.

Tonight I get to be at her side once more....what a blessing! To have moments to visit and laugh when she feels good, and to have a chance to offer her a cold rag and call for her nurse to come quickly with relief when she does not.

The nurses on the oncology floor have been incredible...can't praise them enough! And her doctors have been too.

Please pray for strength and courage for Dick and the kids and for comfort and peace and freedom from pain and nausea for dear Jeanine. Love to all~ Nancy

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  1. Praying this morning....Karen M.