Apr 23, 2010

Sorrow and Joy flowing mingled.....

For those who keep up with Jeanine via the blog, I want you to know that we moved her to the Hospice Unit today. She is in room 7108. Jeanine is comfortable, though her belly is filling with fluid again and she is requiring more medication today than yesterday.

Yesterday (Thursday) she was able to communicate with us due to her decreased pain and consequently decreased morphine. She was able to visit with all three of her children, and for that we are so thankful! Wednesday night she got to spend time with us...the Wednesday choir group (I use the term loosely!) and her Mom got to be with us until she had a "spell" of some sort and we had to hustle her to the Trauma Center!! She was released later in the evening and is at home and doing well. Today she was visited by three more of her grandchildren and I'm sure that her heart leapt for joy!

Jeanine has been so blessed! And such a blessing to so many! As she has so often said "God is sooooo with us!"

I know you share in my great anguish at the thought of life without this one who is soooo dear....and in my great JOY that her spirit WILL NEVER die and that we will all soon see her again :) Sorrow and joy (I know...it is really sorrow and LOVE) flow mingled down...Did ere such love and sorrow meet?

Please continue to pray for her comfort and her sweet passage. And for peace and strength and courage and faith for Dick, the kids, grandkids, Mom, siblings, and hundreds of friends like you and I. Our prayers have given them hope and strength, by the grace of our God who has answered "Yes" to MANY of our requests. Praise God even through our tears!


  1. Dear Jeanine.

    Get Well Soon!!!!!

    Best Wish from Diana and yuen

  2. Spending time in prayer this morning especially for Dick & the family. I know Jeanine will be greatly missed & I pray for comfort especially during these early days without her. I'm so sorry...Karen Morgan

  3. I will miss you dearly Momma Jeanine. Thank you for blessing my life to have the priveledge of being your friend...... Keep the Starbucks flowing for us until we meet again. Love you!!


  4. I only knew Jeanine for a very brief time. I would xray her often in her last couple months at the hospital. It wasn't until the Wednesday before she passed that I found out she has the same cancer my father just passed away from this last September. I knew I felt a strong "pulling" towards her. Now I know it was my dad who led me to her. I still feel very guilty over my dad's sickness and death. He lived in Florida with my mom, so I was not there to help out. I think I got a little chance to help give some measure of comfort to some of Jeanine's family that I did meet. In a round about way, I feel more at peace with my father's passing knowing that Jeanine was at peace. I witnessed such a strength in her that was so amazing to me!!!

    I will pray for Jeanine's passage into eternity as well as the family's strength. Even though we knew this was coming, it is still so so hard on us left behind.